About Us:

Photo outside Logan Endoscopy

The Logan Endoscopy Day Surgery unit has been operational since March 1994. This unit started in order to provide an affordable endoscopy service to the Logan and Beaudesert Shires. Logan Endoscopy strives for the highest clinical standards in safety and customer services as well as aiming to provide an affordable and quality endoscopy service.

This unit was originally set up in 1994 by Trudy Rayner, a previous President of the Gastroenterology Nurses College of Australia (GENCA). She was the co-author of the book “Infection Control in Endoscopy”, widely used as the standard for Endoscopy Units and adopted by both the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) and GENCA. She had been running the unit until March 2001 when she died suddenly due to surgical complications.

Logan Endoscopy obtained a Day Hospital Licence, which was officially granted by Queensland Health on 3 December 2001 in accordance with changing regulatory requirements. Logan Endoscopy was first fully accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in December 2002 and also achieved Tier 2 Benefits. Logan Endoscopy achieved ongoing accreditation with ACHS on 5 December 2006, 9 December 2010, and most recently on 24 June 2014.

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